Eyelash Extension Safe Eyeliner- Amaterasu


0.6 mL/ 0.02 fl oz

Colors: Black or Expresso


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Looking for Eyelash extension safe eyeliner?  We all know that pencil type liners are a big NO NO with eyelash extensions because they contain oils to get that nice glide on your lash line.  Amaterasu ( formerly Geisha Ink) has you covered for an eyelash extension safe eyeliner. It’s clean ingredients and paraben-free formula is perfect for even the most sensitive individuals. The brush that meticulously hand assembled in Japan, using only the best quality microfibre that will not fray. This ultimate brush tip will make the  most unsteady hand perfect that make up artist lined eye.  Amaterasu’s game changing liquid eyeliner has the ultimate staying power and earned it’s nickname as the ” 24- hour eyeliner”.


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