Individual Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic - $85 new set / $65 fills

Synthetic Silk - $95 new set / $70 fills

Synthetic Mink - $110 new set / $75 fills

Synthetic Y lashes - $120 new set / $75 fills

**When you come into Bizou for a fill you can continue to pay the fill price each time you come in as long as you come in with 1/4 of the extensions from the previous appointment. See FAQ's for further fill information.

Semi Cluster Eyelash Extensions

New Set - $70

Fills - $50

**Refill prices apply if done within 2-4 weeks of application. After that time frame prices may vary depending on the condition of the lashes they are in when you come for a refill.

Lower Lashes - $20-$30

$15 on lashes done at our studio

$30 on lashes from other salons
We will only do a removal from another salon if you are getting a new set put on by us. Why? Because we do not want to be responsible for being the last person to touch your lashes if there is major lash damage due to improper technique from your previous lash technician.

**Prices subject to change without notice.
**Prices do not include GST.